(My town does not advance ... for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6)



                   "STAR OF DAVID O EMBLEM RENFE GOD?


Rather, they brought the tabernacle of MOLOJ and you called kiun idol, the star who had become their god. Therefore, I will take them captives beyond Damések (Damascus), said יהוה YHWH, whose name is YHWH יהוה Elohim Tzeboat. Amos 5:25-27, Version Unit.

         Therefore יהוה YHWH turned, and gave them to worship the host of heaven, as written in the book of Nebim (prophets): Maybe, oh sons of Israel, it was me who offered victims and sacrifices in the desert for forty years? You MOLOJ took the tabernacle, and the star of the god Remphan images that you made to worship them. For this, be transporting more than Babel.
Acts of the Shelijim (Acts) 7:42-43, Version Unit.

With these two verses we can see more than clear that there is "a problem" in Israel by a "star."
Before 1900 AD this symbol was not used in public for the Jews and the few Jews THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS STAR WAS THAT WERE DEDICATED TO THE OCCULT. But they were forced by Adolf Hitler to use a six pointed yellow star during the holocaust. HOLOCAUST DOES THE WORD "ON OFFERING" AND THE STAR OF SIX peaks was used by the priests of Moloch and Asher TO MARK HUMAN VICTIMS THAT WOULD BE SLAUGHTERED AS HOLOCAUST IN FURNACE OF FIRE. Today many Jews and Christians who use this star without knowing its origin.

Unlike the Menorah (candelabra), the Lion of Judah, the shofar (ram's horn) and the Lulav (palm branch), the star of David was not a representative symbol of Judaism. The common name for its shape is hexagram or six-pointed star, which is composed of two interlocking equilateral triangles. The evolution of the six-pointed Jewish star, "Magen David," literally "Shield of David." Also known as the hexagram, or more rarely Solomon's Seal, is long and complex. While it is currently the most common and universally recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity, both within and outside the Jewish community has only achieved this position over the last two years. Before this is mainly associated with MAGIC OR THE LOGO OF SINGLE FAMILY OR COMMUNITIES. Yet, despite its equivocal history, Jews and Christians are attracted to this design and have been attributed to a venerable origins. In our own time, its universal Jewish popularity, especially as the symbol of the State of Israel, has raised the question of ORIGIN.

ONE OF THE REASONS FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE STAR OF DAVID WAS THE DESIRE OF MANY JEWS imitated the Christians. During the Emancipation, Jews needed a symbol of Judaism equivalent to the cross, the universal symbol of Christianity. In particular, they wanted something of worship to decorate the walls of a Jewish home that could be as symbolic as the cross. That's why STAR OF DAVID became so prominent in the nineteenth century and was later used in synagogues and ritual objects and eventually came to Poland and Russia. THE SEARCH FOR LEADING TO THE SPREAD IMITATION OF A SYMBOL THAT REALLY WAS NOT JEWISH and transmitting a message not Jewish. It is for this reason that the Star of David met to Zionism, was a symbol that had attained wide circulation among Jewish communities but also caused no defined religious associations. THE STAR OF DAVID became the symbol of the Zionist Jews everywhere. The Jews do not consider representation not only of the Zionist power in Judaism, but Judaism as a whole.

The symbol originated in ancient times, when, with five-pointed star, SERVED AS A DECORATION OR SIGN MAGIC. In the Middle Ages the Magen David appears with great frequency among Jews but without assuming any special religious significance, is also found in some medieval cathedral. THE END SHIELD OF DAVID, which in Jewish liturgy signifies God as the protector (shield) of David, became popular among medieval mystics, who attributed magical powers to King David's shield just as earlier traditions of magic were tabled to the star five points as the "Seal of Solomon." The Kabbalists popularized the use of the symbol as a protection against evil spirits. WAS the menorah, and not the "Jewish Star", which served mostly as a Jewish symbol from antiquity to the POST-RENAISSANCE PERIOD. Although scholars have attempted to trace the origin of THE STAR OF DAVID to King David himself, Rabbi Akiva and Bar Kokhba rebellion ("child star") (135 EC), or the Kabbalists, especially Rabbi Isaac Luria (XVI century), no Jewish documents written appeal. HOWEVER, ALL THE EVIDENCE SUGGESTS THAT THE FIRST APPLICATIONS hexagram is limited to "practical Kabbalah," that is, Jewish magic, probably around the sixth century CE The legends connect this symbol with "the Seal of Solomon," which according to tradition is the magic ring engraving used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits. Although the original ring was inscribed the Tetragrammaton YHWH, the sacred name of God in four letters, medieval amulets imitated this ring replacing the hexagram or pentagram (pentagram), often accompanied by rampant lions rampant, by the sacred name. The star inscribed on these rings are usually called the "Seal of Solomon."

The hexagram was also widely regarded as a messianic symbol, because of its legendary connection with David, the ancestor of the Messiah. On the eve of the Sabbath (Saturday), German Jews lit an oil lamp, shaped like a brass star, called Judenstern (Jewish star), signifying that the Sabbath was a representation of the Messianic Age. The hexagram was also popular among the followers of Shabbatai Tzevi, the seventeenth-century false messiah, because of its messianic associations. BETWEEN THE MYSTIC AND JEWS doing wonders, the hexagram ERA COMMONLY USED AS A MAGIC PROTECTION AGAINST DEMONS, OFTEN ARE ENROLLED IN OR OUTSIDE Mezuzot CHARMS. One of the earliest uses Jewish Star of David was as part of a climax, the special symbol printed on the front page of a book. Sometimes the printer included his name in the colophon or chose an illustration that alluded to their name, their ancestors, or the local prince, or a symbol of success and blessing. The idea was to distinguish the books of this printer from their competitors and beautify the front page. The colophons are as old as printing itself.

Another use of the hexagram in medieval times was as a mark of Jewish printing or heraldic emblem, especially in Prague and among members of the Jewish Foa family, who lived in Italy and the Netherlands. In 1354, Emperor Charles IV of Prague granted the Jews of his city the privilege of displaying their own flag at times in public events. SHOW YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO THE CENTER A GREAT STAR OF SIX POINTS. A similar flag remains to this day in Altneuschul, the oldest synagogue in Prague. In Prague, the "Magen David" spread to Jewish communities in Moravia and Bohemia, and then eventually to Eastern Europe. In the seventeenth century Vienna, the Jewish quarter was separated from the Christian quarter by a boundary stone inscribed with a hexagram on one side and a cross on the other, the first time that TIP SIX STAR was used to represent Judaism as a whole rather than individual community Jewish Kabbalists.

With Jewish emancipation following the French Revolution, Jews began to find a symbol to represent themselves, comparable to the cross used by their Christian neighbors. They chose STAR SIX TIPS, mainly because of its heraldic associations. The geometric features and architectural design greatly attracted to the architects of the synagogues, most of whom were not Jewish. Ironically, the religious Jews of Europe and the East, are accustomed to seeing hexagrams in Kabbalistic Amulets, accepted this secularized symbol of Jewish religion as a legitimate Jewish symbol, BUT DID NOT RELIGIOUS OR CONTENT scriptural basis.

When Theodor Herzl looked for a symbol for the new Zionist movement, STAR OF DAVID chosen because it was very well known and also because I had no religious associations. Over time, appeared in the center of the flag of the new Jewish state of Israel and has become associated with national redemption. During the Holocaust, the Nazis chose the yellow star as an identifying badge required on the garments of all Jews. After the war, Jews turned this symbol of humiliation and death into a badge of honor. TODAY, THE STAR OF DAVID IS THE most popular and universally recognized symbol of JEWISH PEOPLE EVEN REJECTED BY SOME, JUST BE RESPECTED THE FLAG. In his thesis entitled The Star of Redemption (1912), Franz Rosenzweig framed his philosophy of Judaism around the image of the Jewish star, composed of two "triad" concept, which together form the basis of Jewish belief: Creation , Revelation and Redemption, God, Israel and the world, BUT DOES IT SUPPORT BIBLE?

On the popular level, Jews continue to wear the Jewish star as it was used for centuries as a magical amulet of good luck and as a secularized symbol of Jewish identity. Regardless of the fact that the hexagram was used in the past in Jewish society for various purposes, had no meaning as the Star of David is today. CENTURY 19 IS THE STAR OF DAVID WRONG CALL CAME TO BE THE MOST RECOGNIZED Jewish symbols. Also non-Jews then began to recognize the Star of David as a Jewish symbol. It is remarkable that THE STAR OF DAVID especially in those countries with a high tolerance for Jews, became itself a Jewish symbol. THROUGH THE CENTURIES Jews dreamed of returning to the Promised Land MAL name Palestine, but from the year 70 CE they had not returned to try to realize this dream. However this changed in the late nineteenth century. Under the influence of a growing anti-Semitism and violent pogroms (persecutions) in Russia, Romania, France, Germany and other countries and growth of nationalism in Europe, in Judaism there is a move aimed at creating a Jewish state in Israel ( incorrectly called Palestine), which could hold the Jews scattered throughout the world.

This movement, known under the name of "Zionism", consisted of several clubs, each of which used in different ways STAR OF DAVID as a distinguishing mark. For example: A Star of David with a picture of a lion and seven stars around it, or the word "Zion" in the center and the current STAR OF DAVID. STAR OF DAVID eventually became a Zionist symbol, which he called (and still call) the Jews to return to the land of their fathers. The Zionist movement in those years was not too great, in part because Jews in many countries (including Holland) had come to be fully integrated. But this changed dramatically in the thirties of the twentieth century due to anti-Semitic and fascist movements emerged throughout Europe, causing a further increase in discrimination against Jews. These movements abused the use of STAR OF DAVID as a symbol of anti-Semitic, THE STAR OF DAVID symbolized for them the "Jewish danger." Often "the Jew" was represented in pamphlets as a capitalist big belly and a cigar, which keeps people tied to the strings and control the factories. Like those cartoons wearing a Star of David, the Jewish people associated with this symbol increasingly negative.

The six pointed star, better known today as "STAR OF DAVID" O "Shield of David" (Hebrew, "Magen David") is used in Judaism today almost universally in their synagogues, houses, collars, chains , cars, rings and even the flag of the modern state of Israel, in short, who uses no words discloses that he is Jewish or has any connection with Judaism or Israel. But we must ask: When and it began to be used? What other nations they used and for what purposes? Is this symbol honors the God of Israel? IN THIS STUDY FINDS THAT THE ORIGINS OF "Shield of David" or rather "THE TALISMAN OF SATURN", "REMF STAR" "STAR OF SIX PEAKS" or hexagram, OR ARE NOT BORN IN OR JUDAISM IN ISRAEL, BUT IN THE EASTERN PAGAN RELIGIONS. Already in China between 2852 BCE and 2738 BCE and the hexagram was used in Babylon in 2000 BCE and in the Bronze Age (1900 BCE) was used the hexagram as a talisman that grants its wearer protection


The six pointed star is found among many nations and has been known as a magic sign to preserve and protect them from destruction. The idea that the star of six points can be used for protection and preservation has its origins in magic, which is made astral talismans under the influence of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter to protect its carriers from different hazards OF THAT THERE IS STAR IS KNOWN AS THE SIX PEAKS TALISMAN OF SATURN, BUT ALSO THE TALISMAN OF VENUS AND JUPITER.
The six pointed star was used for protection in Babylon (2000 BC). At the age of drills, this symbol was used in ornaments and magic in many civilizations and regions as far apart as Mesopotamia. He was also the symbol of the goddess Astarte, who was the goddess of fertility, sex and war and was "the divine personification of planet Venus." About six pointed star involved in the worship of Astarte says Sidney Smith: "A stone was revered in a seat on a six pointed star, the symbol of Astarte as the star of the evening and morning, is seen in a Chalcedony seal Assyrian labor [...] which is probably dating from 650-600 BCE. "

We can see the goddess with a six pointed star on his head as his personal symbol becomes so "The Crest of Kagome in Japan. Can the six peaks BE STAR 'JEWISH' or divine origin? NO, NEVER EVER. BEFORE WE DO NOT imitate the customs of NATIONS.

In India, the six pointed star is known as "Surya Yantra." In Hinduism "Surya" means "Supreme Light" is no coincidence that this name is too similar to another name of Satan, in turn, "Yantra" means "instrument" or "machine." Surya Yantra so it means is: "Instrument of Supreme Light" in other words: "Instrument of Satan" an instrument of Satan can be given by the Lord? Never!

B. Swami G. Narasingha a follower of the Hindu deity Krishna, during a visit to Jerusalem buy "A STAR OF DAVID" and put it around his neck and asked, "Why are you using a Jewish symbol?" To this the reply, " This [six pointed star] is Sat-kona, the symbol of Goloka, Krishna's superior. " B. Swami G. Narasingha wrote an article on Sat-kona or six pointed star saying: "This article is about the origins of Sat-kona [star Goloka Goloka or Yantra of] its transcendental meaning, its historical use in the Vedas and other old cultures, its use in Christianity and Islam, and its eventual adoption in Judaism in the 17th century as a popular symbol of Judaism. "

Does Gd give us something that was used by Hindus to represent our identity? Never again! Among the names of Surya (Supreme Light) in Hinduism is the name of Mithra, the Persian sun god who was also adored by the Romans and had great influence on Christianity. Much to criticize Christianity for REASON TO PARTY ON DECEMBER 25TH TO HAVE ITS ORIGINS IN THE SOLAR WORSHIP A MITRA, are the star of six points at home, another pagan symbol and related to God that they criticize. Nothing can be more painful. Well why Yeshua said: "Judge not that ye be not judged", and well did the Apostle (Rabbi) Shaul believers in Italy (Roman) 2:1, Hebrew version of the Royal Code: Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever he judged, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself, because you judge commit the same transgressions.

I say this for the believers in Yeshua who criticize Christians for having a pagan holiday to the sun god Mithras, but not reviewed the symbol they carry in their synagogues, cars, necklaces, houses, rooms, etc., Is a pagan symbol. While Christianity does not release the cross of Tammuz not be closer to its roots of Judaism as the Jewish Bible and do not release the REMF star (called the Star of David or Magen David), this does not let you see the Light of Life : Yeshua HaMashiach.

Wayne B. Chandler said that the earliest appearance of the star of six peaks in India dates back to 3000 BC and was soon treated as a philosophical symbol. Would be used later by the Buddhist tantric and to symbolize the divine union. Currently six pointed star is called "The Star of Vishnu, Kali enters reflecting cosmic union and Shiva.

The six pointed star appears in the I Ching or Book of Changes "one of the oldest Chinese documents where the star of six points. The I Ching divination system contains comparable to geomancy (earth divination) Fu Xi (伏羲) one of the first rulers of China, from 2852 BC to 2738 BC, said he received by revelation supernatural the trigrams and hexagrams organized (See Image: Trigram of the I Ching "). We can see that long before the Exodus of Israel from the land of Egypt and was used SIX STAR PICKS divination purposes in China.

The divination system revealed to Fu Xi was refined over time and the I Ching was completed in time We Di Han, Han Dynasty (200 BC). The I Ching is used in many occult circles, together with the tarot, which is derived from the Jewish Kabbalah to guess and make astral hexagrams (such as astrology astrology chart.)

In the 800 to 600 BC, THE STAR OF SIX PEAKS was used as a symbol to represent the art of alchemy, and was formed to unite the triangle of water with the fire triangle. Here we see the triangle of water and fire alchemy and when these are placed one above the other is formed SIX PEAKS STAR, or "Shield of David." The six pointed star is the symbol of alchemy

We can see it simply as the triangle of fire and water triangle of alchemy were united into a star of six points to set the symbol of alchemy. Does the Lord give us something to wearing it as a symbol of our identity? Gd forbid.

In Egypt, the god Apis, who was a calf, had a six pointed star at his side. It is noteworthy that in Exodus, the people of Israel sinned grievously against Elohim for worshiping the molten calf.

In Shemot (Exodus) 32:7-8 Unit version, we read:
- Then יהוה YHWH said to Moshe: Go down, because it has corrupted your people, whom you brought to Eretz (land) of Mitzraim!. Was quickly out of the way I sent them: for he has made a molten calf and have worshiped you have sacrificed, "These are your gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of Eretz (land Mitzraim, Egypt).
Today the same thing happens in Shemot (Exodus) 32:7-8, the Jewish Kabbalists have said the six pointed star, also known as "Star of David" or "Shield of David" is the God of Israel it was the shield that protected David

When today say that the Shield of David is the star of six points that we have just seen was part of the cult of Apis, we can only say: Do you live in the times of Exodus? And if so: Who will join YHWH aside the worship of this star? It is no surprise that because of the strange cult with Egyptian origins, Yahweh told the Israelites told by Amos 5:25-27. Albert Churchward confirms that the house of the Egyptian god Horus, was painted a six pointed star, the star instead of five, which was the symbol of the house of Horus or Paradise. STAR OF SIX PEAKS ORIGINAL of the Egyptians, represented the six "Glorious" or the six primary powers, uranologicamente represented by the constellation Ursa Minor and Ursa Minor.

 The Egyptians were the only six pointed star painted on the house of Horus. Imitate the Egyptians painting stars of six peaks in the synagogues, churches and meeting places? No, before we leave that pagan practice.

Historically, at the time of Bible stories that were spun around David and Solomon, this star did not have anything to do with the Jews, as had been previously used in cultures such as Hindu and Egypt for more than two thousand years [before the time of David and Solomon]. " SO DO NOT BE THE STAR OF SIX PICKS THE SYMBOL OF JUDAISM.

This symbol is the symbol of Judaism, but is a very ancient symbol used by magicians even from Egypt, therefore, we need to purify it. Have the courage to depart from this symbol which we have clearly understood that it is a pagan symbol.

Can he give us something that Gd was used by Hindus? In any way. Nor did He give us something that was used by many nations to worship pagan magic. Many men and women carry the star on their necks, houses, cars, rings, etc, NOT KNOWING THAT THIS SYMBOL IS PAGAN. Therefore do not judge anyone, but we must wake up and sanctify us, cleansing us from all defilement and idolatry.

I hope in Yeshua that this study will add to each of his disciples who seek Him in Spirit and Truth and including my older brother, the Jewish people, especially treasure of the Eternal out of the misconception that this is the "Star of David" not fall into the same. The main purpose of this study is to glorify the Lord and be an instrument of sanctification of the body of Yeshua, of which he is very jealous, so that few imagined how greatly we plot the Eternal and the consequences of remaining errors.

      In Shemot (Exodus) 34:14 Unit version, we read: Do not bow down to other gods, YHWH יהוה is jealous of his name. "THE" KANA (jealous).

I do not judge anyone or condemn anyone who has used or use this star, I myself use in ignorance, and ignorance when sin is forgiven (Acts 17:30) but require that the Light of Truth, the Word of God of Israel, who is Truth (John 17:17) shine in our hearts and be purified and cleansed from all pollution.



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